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Opium Insurance

Opium Insurance

Tailored for DeFi traders, Opium insurance covers smart contract exploits, credit default events, stablecoin custodian insolvency, impermanent loss, price volatility, SAFT risks & off-chain risks.

Opium Insurance is tradable: you can buy it or sell it as the need arises.

Opium Staking

Opium Staking

Crypto staking is a process of providing your crypto coins to a trading strategy or market-making algorithm in return for interest. Higher APR than on lending protocols with the same risk, stake and unstake anytime in the secondary market.

Opium Turbo

Opium Turbo

Turbo is a product with a short expiry that gives investors highly leveraged exposure to the underlying asset. Risk-takers have a chance for high returns in a day a week, risk-hedgers can stake their crypto into a liquidity pool that covers turbo products in exchange for fees and a statistically stable return on staked funds.


Opium Academy

Crypto investment academy will explain simply the basics of decentralized finance, how to build a solid financial strategy and which tools will suit your goals best.

You will master call options, put options, insurance, turbos, crypto staking and more. We will demystify investing to get you on the right track towards your true financial independence.

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